Tikkurila Trophy 2016

We welcome you to Tikkurila Trophy 2016!!


The confirmation, as well the participants list, and daily schedules including starting orders with warm-up groups can be found in the menu to the left.


A list of elements to be reviewed for Finnish element test purposes is attached under Annex D below. In case of missing or incomplete information, please inform the Organizer of corrections by noon on Thursday September 8, 2016.


We can still offer practice ice to a few more skaters, if there is interest (in case there are < 10 skaters in the practice ice group). If you would like to participate, please e-mail kilpailut.ttk@gmail.com.



PDF-tiedostoTT2016_announcement Novice A 20160622.pdf (172 kB)
PDF-tiedostoTT2016_announcement All categories 20160622.pdf (174 kB)
PDF-tiedostoTT Annex A 2016_20160712.pdf (376 kB)
Please note that the 15 August 2016 updates to the Finnish rules, which are based on recent ISU Communications, should be observed. For more information, please refer to http://www.stll.fi/tapahtumat-kilpailut/kilpailuasiat/kotimaan-kilpailuasiat/saannot/
MS Word -tiedostoTT Annex B 2016_list of entries.docx (184 kB)
MS Word -tiedostoTT Annex C 2016_SP & FS.docx (187 kB)
Tuntematon tiedostomuotoTT Annex D - kilpailuissa tarkistettavat elementtitasot.xls (77 kB)
PDF-tiedostoTT2016 - kilpailuissa tarkistettavat elementtitasot 20160906.pdf (18 kB)
PDF-tiedostoTT2016 hotels.pdf (165 kB)

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